Phonics Video – Animated Song to Teach Children Basic Phonics Sounds

Here is an animated song to teach children the basic phonic’s sounds. This is a great first step at phonics awareness and a start to reading. Great for EFL and ESL students as well us younger native English speakers.

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One Response to “Phonics Video – Animated Song to Teach Children Basic Phonics Sounds”
  1. on 21 Apr 2011 at 9:39 amKris Murphy

    I read your excellent article “What is wrong with phonics” with much interest. It makes a lot of sense. Many parents and teachers are going down the wrong path by focusing too much on phonics. Phonics is an aid to reading. It is useful but it isn’t infallible. Phonics alone will not make any child a good reader – or writer for that matter.

    I myself didn’t really teach my twins much phonics but because of extensive reading (they read at least 3 hours a day), my 9-year-old twins have the reading ability of most teenagers.

    I am not saying that phonics is bad for I have created phonics lessons in my educational website. What I am saying is that it cannot stand on its own.

    Like you said in your article – reading, reading and more reading. That is the key to success if you want your child to have a strong command of the English language. There is no other alternative!

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