HAVE Flash Cards for EFL and ESL Children

EFL and ESL Flash Cards to download and print! The images B5 size (25.7cm X 18.2cm) and in PDF format. You will need the free Acrobat reader to view and print. The file sizes are large, so it make take some time to download depending on the speed of your internet connection.

You have permission to print and share but please do not edit or sell.  Thank you.

Free ESL/EFL Flash Cards for Kids: Have

Free ESL/EFL Flash Cards for Kids: Have

Download the Free HAVE flash card set HERE. (Right click and choose “Save As”)

There are 26 cards in total. In addition to the question card shown in the image on this page, there are 25 objects that children may or may not possess. All the objects have the indefinite article ‘a’ in red to high light that it is a single object. (Articles are not used in many languages.) “A snake” is included as a joke.

In question games, it is good to have children physically hold the cards so that the ‘have’ target can be practiced in a real context. One idea is to give each child one or two cards facing down and they each have to ask “Do you have a _______?”  to the other students.

Here are a list of the cards:

a pencil, a ring, a bicycle, a watch, a yo-yo, a car, a cat, a computer, a dog, a doll, a goldfish, a guitar, a hamster, a house key, a pet, a stereo,  a turtle, a TV, a video game, a brother, a sister, a snake, a backpack, a wallet, a teddy bear.

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