'family' Games

Treasure Hunt

This is a game where students have to guess the correct card from all the face down cards. It is great for younger and new students especially because they just have to guess where the guard is. They don’t have to produce the English, so it takes some of the stress away.

This game can be used with any flash card set, but I personally tend to focus on family cards for some reason.

I usually say the word on each card as I put it face down on the table or floor. You can keep them in the same position so that students can try to remember where each card is or you can mix them up after they are all face down.

For the family flash cards, I ask, “Where is father?” I get the students to touch the card they choose and say, “Here.” Then with exaggerated excitement I say, “Is this father?” Then the kids answer “Yes” or “No.” If they are correct, make sure to give a huge round of applause and lots of congratulations. This fun of this game comes from how you flip the card over to reveal the student”s choice. Anything can be made boring or fun, it is up to how you play the game.

Try to break up the game by asking real questions that are of interest to students. “What is you mother”s name?” “Do you have a brother?” “What color is the carrot?” “Do you like carrots?” “How many strawberries?” etc.  Don’t get to caught up in the target drill. Try to engage in real communication with your students every opportunity you have.

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