'likes' Games


This game is best suited to vocabulary for which students have strong likes or dislikes, like food, drinks, animals etc. It works well even with very large classes. First, gather all the students in the center of the room. Assign each corner of the room to ‘like’, ‘don’t like’, ‘love’ and ‘hate’. Hold up a flash card and all the students shout out the word. Then, they run to the corner of the room that corresponds to their feeling for that item. The teacher then turns to each corner of the room in turn and the student(s) shout “I/We like apples”, “I/We hate alligators” etc. Sometimes, in the case of food for example, the students may have had no opportunity to form an opinion. Assign the center of the room to “I’ve never eaten…”. Obviously, there is no competitive element to this activity, but it is a fun way to practice likes and dislikes.

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